Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't hate rickshaw drivers blindly.

I got married on 7th of May and settled in Chennai with my hubby. The initial days were totally relaxed with no worries. Only me and my hubby !!

However, I started getting bored at home. Then I enrolled for violin classes at a place 15 kms from my home. The cheapest mode of travel was bus. Initially it was very difficult to catch the bus. There were plenty of buses but no direct buses. Hence I used to get irritated.

Now the problem started....

Transportation was never a hassle in Udupi. If I didn't get a bus according to my time then I used to go in an autorickshaw which charged me reasonable prices.

But Chennai is different. Hey.. this is the city known for its exorbitant auto rickshaw charges. Increased population leads to increased corruption. We can't blame anybody. All the people in Chennai hate climbing into a rickshaw. Because their demands are like that. Totally ridiculous quotes!!

For my first violin class, I went in a rickshaw as my hubby was busy in an office meeting. Before getting into the rickshaw I asked for his charges. As expected, he told me a rubbish price. Then I started arguing in Tamil which helped things a little. But the price was still too much. Anyway I didn't have any other option and ended up paying a big amount.

From that day onwards, I too started hating Chennai rickshaw drivers. Everyone of them !! With this mindset I now always prefer buses.

However yesterday's incident gave me a reason to ponder over my unqualified hatred of all rickshaw drivers.

Yesterday when I was walking towards the bus stand after finishing my violin class I saw my regular bus passing by me. This bus is available only once in one hour. If I missed that bus then I would have had to wait for one hour in that bus stand. Rickshaws were a mental no-no.

I started running to catch my bus but soon realised that it was an impossible task. Suddenly, out of the blue, a rickshaw came near me and its driver asked me to hop into the rickshaw. He enquired if I wanted to catch the bus that was speeding away. I nodded. He speeded up and banged the bus on the sides till the bus driver stopped. I got off the auto, thanked the good auto driver and climbed my bus. Wow.....finally it was possible to catch my bus only because of the driver!! Thanks a lot for the rickshaw driver who helped me and who changed my mentality towards Chennai rickshaw drivers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What is Yoga - The search for the true meaning

Yoga is one of the most popular modern therapy systems today in the world accepted fully in the west and east. To know yoga it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word 'Yoga'.

The root word of Yoga is 'YUJ'. YUJ has two meanings.

One is "Yujir yoge" which means union or to join: While joining at the lower physical levels can mean joining the money(dhanayoga) or any other material, it would mean the union of atma and paramatma at the higher levels.

The second meaning is "Yuj samadhau" which means samadhi. It is the higher state of mind which is detached from physical world. At this stage the mind is very strong and can control the world through knowledge. "Samyak adhiyate iti samadhih" means thorough knowledge is samadhi.