Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't impose your beliefs on others

From many days I was thinking about this human behaviour. In the beginning I observed this behaviour in myself. Then slowly started to observe this in my close relatives. Now you might be thinking what is this behaviour?
This is the imposition of our beliefs on others!! Ok ..I will explain you about this behaviour.

When I was doing my degree course I met a very sweet cute lovely girl. Slowly we became very close friends. Our house was very far from our college. So we used to take tiffin boxes. I am a pucca Hindu brahmin and she was a pucca Muslim. I am a pure vegetarian and she was a non vegetarian. But these differences never disturbed our friendship.

One day my friend brought egg omlette for her tiffin. I had brought dosas. Usually we share our food. But that day it was not possible. Suddenly my friend told that if I am her close friend then I have to eat a piece of the omlette she had brought. Immediately I replied that if she is my close friend then she should stop wearing scarf.

After arguing for a few minutes, we realised that we were arguing over a silly matter. And most importantly, we were trying to impose our beliefs on each other without standing to gain anything. Love for other human beings should be given greater importance than individual beliefs.

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