Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Irresponsible workers - Build or Kill our patience

Friends....In every level of our society there is so much irresponsibility. I don't know...why a lot of people can't do their work properly?

I have a lot respect for time. I am very punctual and clear in my work. This trait of mine expects a lot from others.You may be wondering why I am telling all has a story behind it!!

One month back we shifted to a new apartment. Ours is a nuclear family with my husband Vijay, my kid and myself. The new house lacked a iron grill. So for safety purpose we requested our owner to install a grill in front of main door. He gave Mr. Kartikeyan's number whom he already had contacted.

Now the problem started. I called this person and he told he can't help in this matter. He gave another person's number... because of whom I am writing this article.

His name is "Senthil". Uff!!......what a terrible person he is. His favourite words are "I will come in 20 minutes madam" ;which never happens... I was calling him daily for more than 20 days. In the beginning he told it is not possible to put the grill before collecting the cheque. So we kept the cheque ready. But his 20 minutes never came. After many days when I raised my voice he immediately told that he had met with an accident. Another of his useless excuse...

After 4 days he came with a single hinge grill and kept it in front of our house. He also made 2 big holes in the wall and without left without informing us. We waited that whole day...with 2 big holes in the wall ...nobody came.

After 2 days my husband sent one strong sms to Senthil, the result of which was 2 workers who came and told they were going to fix the grill. They also told me that no one can enter or leave the house for 12 hrs after fixing since the cement had to settle down!!! Incredulous!! I was all the more irritated and puzzled. I asked them "Where should my husband go? He has only this house in Chennai"

The same I explained to Senthil too...God knows what he understood or if it was a ploy by him to shirk responsibility off his shoulders. That useless chap called my husband and told him that all the work is getting delayed because of your wife....What insolence !!!....My husband took him to task left and right. Finally they fixed the grill after Vijay came back. Now 3 days have passed. The work is not complete yet. I don't know when they will finish it. Maybe in 20 minutes madam !!!

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